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Sustainable, Climate Resilient Schools and How They Support Equity

July 21, 2022

Andra Yeghoian is the Environmental Literacy and Sustainability Coordinator at the San Mateo County Office of Education, and one of the four creating partners for the Covid 19 Outdoor Learning Initiative. Learn about all the ways that sustainability, equity, and environmental learning go hand in hand, and all the amazing resources developed by Andra and her colleagues.



Connect to the Institute for Humane Education

Contact Andra Yeghoian at ayeghoian@smcoe.org,

                                               Phone: (925) 348-5337



Connect to the Covid 19 Outdoor Learning Initiative

SMCOE Environmental Solutionary Teacher Fellowship

Sustainable & Climate Ready Schools Admin Fellowship

Youth Climate Ambassadors Leadership Program


     Article: SXSW EDU Panel Explores the Future of Outdoor Learning

     Article: Environmental Literacy & Classrooms That Can Save the World

      Article: Climate Change is the Ultimate Teachable Moment

      UC Davis: Environmental Literacy in History Social Science

Curriculum: Solutionary Units of Study

Curriculum: The Resource Center for Sustainable and Climate Resilient Schools

The California Environmental Literacy Initiative


San Meteo County Resources:

      Sustainable & Climate Resilient Schools Framework

      The Outdoor Learning Weather Analysis

      SMCOE Outdoor Learning and Play Considerations

      Change Theories for Solutionaries

      San Mateo County Changemakers - You'll be so inspired!


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