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Ruth Gotian, PhD, Shares the Secrets of Optimizing Success, for Our Students and Ourselves

January 6, 2022

Dr. Ruth Gotian reveals the four characteristics that innovators, astronauts, olympic champions and Nobel prize winners share that lead to success. Her new book, The Success Factor, offers a blueprint for how we can all become more successful, and how we, as educators, can foster these characteristics in our students.



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Dr Ruth Gotian's website: https://www.ruthgotian.com/

Dr. Gotian's free downloadable Passion Audit:  https://www.ruthgotian.com/resources

Order The Success Factor, by Dr. Ruth Gotian

Read more about Dr. Gotian and her work at Top 30 Management Thinkers to WatchThinkers50 Radar List

Read Ruth's articles in Forbes and Psychology Today about optimizing success.

Join those who want to become high achievers - https://www.ruthgotian.com/contact


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