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March 10, 2022

Library Media Specialist, Sara Webb, shares how the Media Bias Chart and other resources from Ad Fontes Media, have equipped her students to think critically about the messages coming from all different media branches and platforms. Ad Fontes teaches students to read laterally and measure reliability and bias in the news stories they are reading for content studies as well as social media.



Find the Interactive Media Bias Chart

ad fontes' SUMMA Essential News Literacy Curriculum

ad fontes media --Tell them the EdCuration podcast sent you!

Media Literacy Now

Where Can I Find Resources for Media Literacy Lesson Planning? Blog post by Sara

National Association of Media Literacy Educators --Membership is free and they have a great journal.

The 2021 Media Literacy Index 

The Stanford History Education Group

An article reporting the SHEG study findings that students are unable to judge the credibility of online information.  


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