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International Expert, Lottie Dowling, Helps Us Understand Global Competencies and How to Integrate Them into Classrooms

February 3, 2022

Lottie Dowling has worked for the last 20 years in education, as a school practitioner and professional learning leader on a global, national, and regional level. She's worked in 6 different countries and is a sought after speaker and consultant on Global Citizenship and the Global Competencies that are increasingly becoming a part of our academic landscape. In this episode she gives us a deeper understanding of what those are and how to teach them.



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A great model :

Educating for Global Competence: Preparing Our Youth to Engage the World


Some Background Reading:

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Lottie's blog posts:

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Video Resources:

The Global Oneness Project


Free videos and lesson plans to inspire global citizens:

Project Explorer

The Mongolian Band Hangai singing one of their most famous songs:

         Drinking Song


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