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Improving Accessibility for Students With Hearing Loss: Janice Lintz

March 17, 2022

Janice Lintz has become the go-to, global consultant and advocate for hearing access. She shares her inspiring story of working with education, cultural, and government institutions to improve accessibility, and offers tips for educators on how to best support students with hearing loss.  



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Janice Lintz Website

Janice Lintz on LinkedIn 

Founder & CEO: Hearing Access and Innovations

HuffPost Article: 10 Misconceptions Teachers Should Know About Children Who Are Hard of Hearing

Rethinking Cities for People With Hearing Loss by Janice Lintz

Contributor: Tell Her She Can't: Inspiring Stories of Unstoppable Women

2008 People Magazine Hero: A Champion for the Hard of Hearing

2016 Nominated United State of Women Changemaker


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